Truetone Lounge Interview 

I had a great time visiting with Zac and everyone at Truetone!

Italy Shows In July!

ITALY! I’ll be doing 4 shows in Italy the first week in July.

David Grissom in Jazz Guitar Daily

David Grissom Wide Open Blues Rock Guitar Masterclass!

I'm excited to be teaching a 6 hour guitar master class at Six String Ranch in Austin, TX April 13th, 2019!!

The course will cover my approach to soloing and rhythm playing, tips on how to break out of the playing ruts we all get into, and how to use and select your gear to get the tone you want.

We’ll go over my approaches to blues, rock, and Americana, focusing on the techniques and sounds that define my style.

We’ll study the styles of the 3 Alberts…..King, Collins, and Lee, taking a look at the key elements of their styles. I’ll show you how I’ve incorporated their influences into my playing focusing on vibrato, tone, and string bending techniques and tips. I’ll discuss my approach to scales and improvising, and we’ll take an in depth look at how I do pedal steel bends in all styles of music.

I’ll explain my approach to rhythm playing: how to get a bigger and more in tune sound, and how to break out of the barre chords that we all start out with. I’ll show you how to use capos and baritone guitars to open up the sounds you use and inspire your songwriting.

I’ll share my stories of “how I got the gig” and discuss the skill sets required for touring and studio work. I’ll bring my rig to show you how I use my gear in the studio, and there will be lots of question and answer throughout. This will be an all day workshop with a break for lunch and the cost is $260. Class size will be limited. SOLD OUT THANK YOU!


Podcast with Everyone Loves Guitar!

Podcast with Craig Garber form Everyone Loves Guitar!


Podcast with Shane Theriot

I had a fun morning doing this podcast with my good friend Shane Theriot!…/bl…/episode-20-with-david-grissom

Podcast with Amps and Axes!


Great stuff from Mick and Jeff!

New interview, Thanks Ade!

Huge thanks to DAVID GRISSOM today for answering my questions, and I hope you the readers enjoy the answers as much as I do.It has been a huge honour to have worked with David on the “Best Band of the Day” and the “STAR INTERVIEW”

New song out this Friday!

I have a new single "Slow Me Down" coming out this Friday! You can pre order here and check it out in my music player here! Big Thanks!

Riff Journal article

Very nice article from the folks at Truefire!

Guitar workshop in New York!


I'll Be teaching a workshop with Jeff McErlain all day on April  9th!



New interview in Sound Profile Magazine

Nice article in a cool new online music magazine.

New Podcast!


This was fun!

New Interactive Video Course: Open Road Blues

My new TrueFire course, Open Road Blues, is now available! “We all get stuck in the typical blues rut at one point or another. The approaches in Open Road Blues helped me bust out of that rut, and I’m excited to share them to help you bust out as well.” Check out this video, which gives you an overview of the curriculum:

Open Road Blues is available from TrueFire in two formats (Download and Disc/Download) and features nearly three hours of video instruction, tab, notation, jam tracks and more!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Get Open Road Blues - $29 - Download Format
Get Open Road Blues - $49 - Disc + Download Format

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My Truefire "Open Road Guitar" Video Course is here!!


I'm really excited to be working with Truefire, and very glad to have a new updated Video course available. I put a lot of time and thought into the course and the Truefire production team is as good as it gets..


Here is a preview:



Interview with Guitar Mania

Nice interview from a cool guitar site!

Today's pedalboard

Actually this is the board I've been using for some time and it's worked out great........

On Air Interview from KPFT Houston!


How It Feels To Fly on iTunes...........

"How IT Feels To Fly" will be released February 4th!

My 4th solo release that features 8 new Studio tracks and 4 Live cuts, all with my incredible Austin band.


New online interview

Cool stuff from a great online music and gear mag. at

New video interview posted!

Nice print and video interview

Guitar Workshop Plus!

David is pleased to be part of the Guitar Workshop Plus program once again this year. 

I have a new Pedalboard!

New and Improved!

Guitars and amps I used on Way Down Deep

 I've had a lot of questions about which guitars and amps I used on Way Down here is a pretty good summary. I'll post some photos later.

Liner Notes posted!

Here are the Liner Notes and Credits for Way Down Deep......

The new CD.......

The new CD is out!!


New videos posted.......on the video page!

Allman Bros at the Beacon, Show Us Your Moneymaker, and more...

All Things Music

The blog is open......... Check it out. Video of the making of the new CD. Much more to come.......

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