Today's pedalboard

I love pedaltrain boards....nothin' fancy but easy to use and very roadworthy. The signal path is: Telos, EP Booster, Volume Pedal (using tuner out and, no, that does not change the tone), Arion, Strymon..........Meat and Potatoes.

I have a new Pedalboard!

New and Improved! I have a new Pedalboard! After about a week of experimenting with different signal chains, I finally have a new board that sounds great to my ears. After using the same live board for years, I wanted…

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Guitars and amps I used on Way Down Deep

The main guitar(s) I used were a couple of PRS DGT’s (my sig. model). I used a Hamer Subtone as my baritone. Jol Danzig put some funky single coil pickups in instead of the high gain humbuckers it normally comes…

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Liner Notes posted!

Credits and Liner Notes for Way Down Deep


David Grissom: guitar and vocals

Chris Maresh: bass

J.J. Johnson: drums


Produced by David Grissom


Special thanks: Paul Smith, Doug Sewell,

Bev Fowler and everyone at PRS Guitars

and Amplifiers, D’addario strings,

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The new CD.......

The new CD will be out Friday! Check back for updates, liner notes, equipment and recording notes, and other cool stuff!