I have a new Pedalboard!

New and Improved! I have a new Pedalboard! After about a week of experimenting with different signal chains, I finally have a new board that sounds great to my ears. After using the same live board for years, I wanted something a little more versatile, but more organic at the same time. I also wanted to use the same board live and in the studio. So far this setup is working really well. For the studio, I can bring a wah to put on the front end if I need it, and a Line 6 M9 on the back end for a million additional effects. So far though, this group of pedals has been everything I need. A key thing was putting the Boss vibrato in front of the volume pedal to buffer the signal.....The volume pedal was eating up lots of tone and making this change made a big difference. I am loving the Strymon delay too......super warm and versatile.