Liner Notes posted!

Credits and Liner Notes for Way Down Deep


David Grissom: guitar and vocals

Chris Maresh: bass

J.J. Johnson: drums


Produced by David Grissom


Special thanks: Paul Smith, Doug Sewell,

Bev Fowler and everyone at PRS Guitars

and Amplifiers, D’addario strings,

Dariush Rad and Asterope cables, Collings

acoustic guitars, Universal Audio UAD plug ins,

Apogee Converters, Herb Shucher, Bill Ussery,

Ed Reynolds, Ron Ellis, Chad Underwoode, Alan Durham, Fulltone effects,

Ben Leck and Xotic effects, Jason Lynn and Line 6,

Matt Sturtevant, Patti Mitchell, Bill Johnson,

and with love, Shelli


Recorded at Spicewood Sound

Mastered by Jim Wilson


Cover photos: Matthew Sturtevant

Cover Design: Dariush Rad


All songs written by David Grissom

Published by David Grissom Music, BMI,

administered by Bug Music, copyright 2011